Thai hair products Dcash: mask, shampoo and booster

I have long wanted to write about these tools, but my computer did not allow me to do this. seriously, already three times during the preparation phase of the recall, all-all information perished. So I changed the computer and, I hope, today at last today I can tell you about the Thai professional brand Dcash, creating hair products. As usual, a low bow to my beautiful little woman for these magic bottles!

Shampoo Dcash Fabulous Improve Touch Shampoo

I had Dcash Fabulous Improve Touch Shampoo shampoo in samplers, so he rode with me on all the trips. And first of all, it is amazingly economical. One bag was enough for me to wash 3 heads, which meant a couple – for the whole trip. Foams magically, thick, volatile, wash the hair from the first time, completely removes any styling, salt, sebum. Just cleansing at 5! By the way, the paint from the hair also washes away with a bang, so be careful

The hair after it is amazing: it is not overdried, but it is more dense and hard, as if after keratin or a good restoring mask. The effect lasts until the next wash with another shampoo, does not accumulate. Even without styling, the hair shines well, it is easy and beautiful to lay down like after a structuring styling. In general, the trip – the very thing that minimizes the number of bubbles and devices to complete austerity.

True, I still used a best moisturizing shampoo, conditioner or an indelible spray to give my hair a little more softness.

Mask Dcash Treatment Pro Expertise Detox Preventive Care

Mask Dcash Treatment Pro Expertise Detox Preventive Care – my love forever. She makes hair so beautiful that no styling is needed at all.

Mask in the bank, thick, silicone-cream, put on clean hair for 10-15 minutes. It is washed off for a long time, the hair remains in the silicone film, but this does not interfere here even once. It does not weigh, does not dirty, does not deprive the volume. At the same time, it gives us the usual silky smoothing and softness of hair from the restoring masks. It is generally different.

This mask unreal thickens and thickens the hair. Therefore, paired with shampoo, they give some unreal hair, which itself is just perfect. I apply it to the hair roots and get a chic basal volume. hair is bushy, dense, it is like twice as much at once and every hair is smooth and dense. And in truth, the hair becomes “Asian” in the best sense of the word. They do not electrify, do not get confused, do not crush and do not get fat for a long time. This mask does not eat color.

At the same time, this mask does not give me any prolonged effect. Serious medical too, no more, than the usual conditioner. So I alternate her now with my main masked love from the Matrix. And shore-shore-shore.

Dcash Equality Keep a Balance Nano Repair Serum

Dcash Equality Keep a Balance Nano Repair Serum is declared as a serum, but in fact booster is a tool that is added to the treatment to enhance it. To be honest, I did not understand this bank at all. Maybe because I do not have a treasure in which to add it, from the same line. When mixed with my masks of this and other brands, nothing happens absolutely, he does not give anything to the hair solo either. So I didn’t understand him at all and there’s nothing even to tell about.

You can buy funds in Thailand, on eBay and Amazon. The funds are quite budget.

Have you tried something from Thai cosmetics manufacturers? Let me remind you that by tag ” Asian cosmetics ” you can read a lot of my enthusiasm about the Thai funds.