Londa Professional Londacolor

Today I talk about the very first paint I started working with – Londa Professional Londacolor. In principle, I work with it until now, though in a very limited palette. And this paint is not bad. If you, for example, are still smearing it on your head, go to Londa, regret your hair!

Londa Londacolor is a classic professional oxidative paint. There are two lines – resistant ammonia (violet) and toning non-ammoniac (orange). I use almost always resistant paints in my work, so I’ll tell you about the violet line.

Paint in a certain (depending on the tasks) proportions mixed with an oxidizing agent. They exist at a concentration of 1.9; 3, 4, 6, 9, 12 per cent. At home, I traditionally advise you not to do anything other than toning by 1.9 and 3, because high percentages of oxide can have a destructive effect on the hair and require constant visual control.

Pros Londa Professional Londacolor

As I said, Londa makes a bit boring, but the high-quality, good-quality product. Accordingly, the advantages of this dye:

  • predictable result

This is a very clear product, mix everything according to the rules of colour and you will get sane and clear color in 99% of cases. This compares favourably with the high fantasy anthocyanin and many other dyes.

  • a large palette of dark colours

I almost do not work in the range below the 7th level, I see no need, and not too interesting. In any chestnut, someone will paint himself, simply by buying the same Londa and 3% oxide. So I take only some problematic exceptions. But Londas are really worthy of the dark, and there is plenty to choose from.

  • unique red shades

But the red shades of Londa Professional Londacolor stole my heart. Many times I tried something else, but I didn’t even see anything so close. All my red-haired beauties are the work of this dye. This and excellent durability, and pure juicy not red shades, and dazzling brilliance. In general, perfect!

  • beautiful individual shades (7/71, 7/75, 0/65, 8/38, etc)

I am not delighted with the whole palette (I’ll tell you more about this in shortcomings), but I always buy some paints, simply because they have no analogues. And they do not really mix from other palettes.

  • decent stamina

In the format of resistant staining, Londa holds almost invariably 4-6 weeks and this is a declared and very worthy result. Longer is to “pallet”, only with it then you will not get problems. By the way, I will immediately clarify that professional paints are no more resistant than the mass-market, and vice versa. Their plus is that they do not harm the hair (when used correctly), they have washed away if necessary to change the , they are predictably mixed to obtain new cool shades.

Cons Londa Professional Londacolor
  • green base

This is Lada’s misfortune in non-warm (cold and natural) shades above level 7. She is all greenish. This is of course corrected, but still uncomfortable. because of complicated correction, a dirty result is often obtained and the probability of error is high.

  • poor palette

Again, this applies to warm colours above level 7. But the colours there are boring and few.

Therefore, I picked up such shades for myself in other dyes.

See staining with my favourite Londa flowers?