Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox: Scrub for the scalp

I already wrote and more than once about the need to care for the scalp. I repeat that it is impossible to grow beautiful and healthy hair if the scalp is experiencing any problems. The main care is just the use of scrubs and masks. Moreover, the scalp is usually a little more fatty than the skin on the face and body, but basically it is the same skin, so I boldly use face products and do not really bother with the purchase of individual cans. There is one “but” – the product should be well and completely washed off, so as not to get greasy roots or “dandruff” from the peeling particles that have not been washed out of the hair. Perhaps Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox was my first special tool for scalp.

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox caught me first in the Christmas calendar on the site and this is the first product that I have already finished. So this post will open a whole cycle about products from this calendar, which I liked very much!

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox

So, Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox Scrub is packaged in a tube and it is not very convenient. however, this is a miniature, a full-length version contains 190 ml of the product and is packaged in a can.

Cream scrub, with a large number of soft polymer scrubs, pleasantly and easily smells of something unrecognizable and cosmetic.

Its very nice to use. It is necessary to soak the hair and then apply to the scalp. I found two methods for myself – long and economical: divide into partings and rub the scrub like that. Or just put it on both hands, and itch in a chaotic manner. In any case – a huge expense. A tube of 50 ml was enough for me to 4 full-scale scraping. After applying it should be left on the hair for a few minutes, and then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as usual.

The applied scrub cools the skin very, very pleasantly, although it does not smell menthol, it is easily washed out once, refreshes and clears the scalp. On the first day after use, additional volume is visible. Once again, this is a very, very nice thing.

But it is expensive, and its effectiveness is not higher than that of any salt or sugar body scrub, which I use for the scalp. Therefore, it is a nice toy, a head spa, pleasure, if you like. But I will not repeat this scrub.