Glazing hair Selective Direct Color

All finally entered into service? We return to our hairdresser’s with best hair extension everyday life. I am rather sceptical about 2 in 1 product, but many direct dyes (working without an oxidizer) adequately perform both the actual colouring and hair care. The same happens with Selective Direct Color. However, as a dye, I have a number of comments to it.

I have already told that the direct dye creates a color film on the surface of the hair. This makes the color more vivid, brilliant, but less resistant. Other things being equal, direct dyes are the most unstable. This is important to consider. I usually choose direct dyes when the color accent is done for the first time, and the person is not sure that he will walk with him successfully for a long time. In addition, it is precisely by directing that I usually make complex watercolour shades of a blond blonde, for any other variant can on white-bleached hair produce non-visible spots.

Selective direct colour

As a dye, it is not much different from its “direct” counterparts. Pigmented remedy, which can be used solo or interfere with balms and masks, as well as add to conventional, oxidative dyes.

The advantages are an ammonia-free composition that cares for hair, ease of operation, a pleasant aroma, without exaggeration, luxurious shine and care (but more on that below).

The bottle is large, 300 ml, but the price is very high. Perhaps it would be better to make a smaller volume and a lower price 🙂 All direct pigments known to me cost twice (or even three to four) cheaper. By the way, the ugly packaging, I have two bottles of three broke dispensers.

Of the minuses, I will also mention a very modest range: only 9 in colour, 5 of which are natural. Only fuchsia, blue, green and red remain on the creative. But you can interfere with them in order to get new shades, but still you don’t get too excited.

Selective Direct Color is applied to clean, dry or wet hair (I always apply straight pigments to wet hair to avoid blemishes), aged from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the original hair and the tasks. Bright shades fit well only on white bleached hair. Keeps 6-10 head wash, which is the norm for direct pigments. At the same time, if the hair is very badly damaged, it can be entered tightly.

Glazing Selective Direct Color

It seems to be a completely ordinary product, for which to pay such money? There is a reason.

He is incredibly cool caring for coloured and bleached hair. Actually, on the basis of this dye in a transparent shade, the grooming procedure is done — Selective glazing. I’ll tell you right away that it doesn’t differ from the colouring technique, only the exposure time I take longer because the hair will not get too much pigment. Glazing is recommended for heavily damaged, very porous, dry hair. You can also do this procedure on very thin natural hair.

What gives?

Unreal density, smoothness of each hair. Visually increases the volume appears steep brilliance. If done immediately after staining – the colour lasts for 2-3 weeks longer and looks more multifaceted and interesting because of the extra shine.

Like most procedures for hair, glazing gives only a cosmetic effect, which gradually fades away and returns the hair to its original state. It is recommended to do once every 10-14 days within a month to get a more stable, 2-3 month result.

Examples of colourings: I have shades of Ice, Fucsia, Denim Blue and their combinations