Frost and Spit: what to do now, so as not to become bald by the winter

I would like to make a reservation that in Samara, where I live, winter is -15 in warm weather, active snowfalls and wind. Perhaps most of my advice would be irrelevant to girls who walk in their shoes on beautiful cobbled sidewalks in winter. But for the frosty time – completely.

The second disclaimer. Perhaps you are not doing anything written below and enjoying healthy beautiful hair. I am infinitely happy for you and very envy. This post is more for those who are unhappy with the condition of hair in the spring and do not know how to save brittle and thinning hair.

In last year’s post, I explained in detail what exactly hurts your hair in winter. So to whom the details – go there. Today we will focus on recommendations.

Change your hair care for a more dense and nourishing

Hair care in winter should be different from the summer, spring and autumn. Each season has its own characteristics, and therefore it is necessary to protect the head from the environment in a certain way. For the winter, I choose dense, caring products with a nourishing, regenerating and protective effect, the “winter” lines not necessarily marked with snowflakes.

In general, of course, you can not nourish the hair. It is a dry protein texture, not susceptible to food. However, covering your hair with wax, silicone and fat/oil formulations you protect them from moisture loss, which means you prevent dryness and, most importantly, loss of elasticity.

Start drinking vitamins now

I am not a doctor, but I always advise young ladies who are prone to seasonal moulting to turn to the therapist for vitamins. Less scrupulous can immediately choose a complex for hair (Solgar, Merz, Pantovigar, Perfectil, Ducray, etc.) or restrict themselves to a multivitamin complex. However, I immediately recommend paying attention to good and expensive vitamins (not snobbery, I didn’t see any sense at all from our Russian drugs and budget generics of major brands). Our hair (and nails) – a rudiment, on them the organism, which will soon begin to miss everything, will save first of all. I personally saw Solgar last year in this try Now Foods, which is already coming from

Cut your hair

Hair should be cut, it is better at least once in 3 months. If you have not cut the ends of the summer, do it now – remove sun-burnt, dried sea and wind, burnt-out length. She will grow back faster and healthier. Not only that, in principle – an important element of hair care. Plus an onion (weakened along with frost, short light day, temperature fluctuations, unbalanced diet) will make it easier to survive this Armageddon and not die by spring. Generally make yourself a good habit of haircut at least at the beginning of each season.

Heal and beat the temperature

The common cold is a serious stress for the hair, especially if you have a high fever. Anything above 38 must be reduced, and this is also important for hair. I have already mentioned that hair falls out of heat . So you are being treated, do not run patients to work and to the hairdresser (super-urgent for me), but rather do not be ill 🙂

Use indelible means

Properly care for your hair in the winter means to protect it, indelible silicones are the best way to protect your hair from both static and overdrying. I use hair oil all year round , and in the cold season I choose thick, thick textures .

Dry hair

It seems to be nonsense, but in the cold to run out onto the street with a wet head is a crime. Not only is this a great way to catch a cold, because the water in your hair also freezes (hair is not skin, there is no blood circulation in them, they do not keep a constant temperature!), And it destroys strands from the inside.

And wear a hat!