Ducray Extra Doux: really every day

Ducray Extra Doux: packaging, texture, aroma

In a neat little bottle of 200 ml of shampoo. Article by wildatheartrescue.org website. Very cool lid with easy-reclining valve. Of my 15+ shampoos, I only open this with my hands, not with my teeth. The shampoo is moderately thick, transparent, it smells strongly of some unrecognizable cosmetic fragrance from childhood. I just went into nostalgia 🙂 And the fact that it smells like that is what I understood just now, sitting down to write a review and sniffing it purposefully. Before that I was sure that it smells like a green apple, here it is the power of human imagination.

Ducray Extra Doux: application and result

Consumption can not be called economical, a portion of the shampoo leaves me decent. But he gently foams, well washes hair without styling for 1 reception, with styling – the second time. And the hair after it is soft, light and shiny at once. They do not want to sweat them with air conditioning at all, they are so easy to comb and do not get confused. I honestly 3 times ignored my hairdressing knowledge and dried my hair without everything – a really cool result. Shampoo almost does not wash out the paint, which makes it an excellent cleansing tool, even for colored hair.

But most importantly, the shampoo came up to my husband. I have already mentioned that Sergey has supersensitive scalp, and 99% of his shampoos “burn” his head during use, and after drying his skin begins to peel furiously. And no, this is not seborrhea. With this shampoo code it is comfortable both during use and after. In general, he almost took the bottle away from me 🙂

So I am very pleased with the product, I have already added a large bottle in reserve for my husband in my next order of hair products. But my heart is still given to the Ducray Anaphase + series, in which shampoo is more than a very good cleanser 🙂