Ducray Anaphase

The Ducray Anaphase + line was my first attempt at this makeup. But not the last, because I am fascinated by these means. Now the plans still shampoo for sensitive scalp and a basic line for trouble-free hair.

In the meantime, a detailed review of the Anaphase + lineup for weakened hair prone to lose. It will be especially useful for those who suffer from “seasonal moulting” every fall.

For almost two months I have been using only Ducray Anaphase + shampoo and balsam, and my hands just don’t stretch to anything else. And if the conditioner in the lineup is just good, then I’m in love with shampoo.

The Ducray Anaphase + line is designed for weakened hair prone to hair loss. In addition to shampoo and conditioner, the lineup also includes dietary supplements, as well as special medical sprays. But I did not use them, because I have no problems with hair loss. I usually suffer from the fact that new hairs grow poorly. By the way, Anasazi is a period in the life of a hair when active growth occurs 🙂

I can’t really say anything about dietary supplements, because I had a promotional package for a week with the recommended course of 3 months. These are brown soft capsules, rather large. Nevertheless, they are easy to swallow (hello, Solgar ), they do not cause any unpleasant sensations in the stomach (as I suffered from nausea from the legendary Perfectil and Pantovigar).

Shampoo Ducray Anaphase +

The shampoo is watery, it smells nice and very light. At first, the texture confused me, I got used to more creamy products. But then I tasted it. It is very easy to foam and evenly distribute over the hair roots. In this case, the flow rate is very small. For 2 months of application the rarest in a day it took me a little over 100 ml of the product. Tube 200 ml, there is still an option with a bottle of 400 ml. I’ll buy her next time.

On the recommendation of the manufacturer, the shampoo should be used 2 times, first just lather and rinse, and then leave a little hold on the hair. I ignore this recommendation, it is the only shampoo in my memory that washes hair and skin perfectly the first time. So I froth, hold off a little, wash off and apply air conditioner immediately. And this despite the fact that I regularly use styling.

Shampoo cleans very carefully, I almost forgot about the constant pruritus on the back of my head, which tormented me recently. Hi, nerves 🙂 In addition, the shampoo gently handles the dye on the hair, rather than violently washes it off, as similar means.

After washing, the hair is very dense, crumbly, with a natural basal volume. Despite the mild cleansing, I do not have to wash my hair more often.

In general, it has no flaws, except for the price. But my toad calms down economically using.

Ducray Anaphase + Air Conditioner

The conditioner is thicker, creamy and fragrant than shampoo. However, the smell is not annoying at all and does not remain on the hair. The conditioner is absorbed into wet hair during application, and you always want to add it. But you do not need to do this, because he does an excellent job in a small amount.

Hair after the conditioner perfectly combed, they are soft and shiny.

Unfortunately (or fortunately!) I can not estimate how much shampoo and conditioner affect hair loss, because I do not have such a problem. They really heal the scalp, and this, as I have said before, is a guarantee of healthy hair. I can recommend this line as prevention of seasonal loss, loss due to beriberi, stress. But you still need to understand that shampoo and conditioner are complementary products that have very little contact with skin and hair and cannot solve serious problems on their own. For them, there are special therapeutic sprays with an active composition.

Have you tried Ducray cosmetics? What is used to maintain healthy scalp?