Creightons Frizz No More Shampoo: Frustration-Frustration

After the Creightons Frizz No More cream line , which I adore and use after each shampooing for a very long time, I had high hopes for shampoo . Now I am waiting for the sweater season to quickly lime it. I can not say that this shampoo is bad, it is normal in general. I just now have so many good hair products that I just don’t want to use this Creightons Frizz No More Shampoo for hair.

Texture and flavor

Claims begin with the packaging: I can only open this shampoo with my teeth. The lid is so tight and uncomfortable that it’s a whole story every time, open the shampoo, belching curses and promising to throw the hell out of the window.

The aroma is bright, but quite pleasant, cosmetic. Be sure to listen before you buy, because it stays on the hair.

Shampoo medium thick, translucent. It foams poorly, it has to be applied at least twice and very abundantly. However, this is the story of all my Creightons (and I almost tried them all out already).

Effect and result

Washes hair well, especially in 3 doses. But the shampoo is too nutritious, even my now twice bleached hair hangs after it and quickly becomes stale. In this case, initially the hair looks great, they are shiny, fresh, there is a natural basal volume. And everything is fine, and then literally in 6-10 hours bang and on the head some three-day tows. Although usually with a good shampoo, I wash my head 2 times a week.

Plus Creightons Frizz No More Shampoo irritates the scalp. Not every time, not always, but sometimes I scratch so after him that it becomes scary.

But the hair really does not push. This is a plus.

I can only recommend for super-dry and megapushy hair, which will not be damaged by any weighting. When I was a young lady, and I had such a hair that I never washed off the washed masks and balms. But for such hair, I think it will go 🙂