Coconut oil and what to do with it

I write from time to time that I do not like all this “organic care”, especially not developed by technologists, but mixed in the kitchen. Nevertheless, it also becomes difficult for me to completely deny the natural recipes because some of them work fine, the main thing is to understand how to use this or that fashionable organic extractor. This time, I have unrefined coconut oil on the agenda.

My old friend Anya made me deal with coconut oil. She opened in Samara and an online store selling high quality natural unrefined oil from India and homemade cosmetics based on it. I immediately got a part of the range for testing. So I had to make the most of it and find the coolest ways to use this oil to boldly recommend it to you.

Unrefined Coconut Oil for Food

The first thing is cool and basic for me – food. Coconut oil is very tasty, aromatic, it has a higher burning temperature, which means it is safer to use it for frying, as it does not form carcinogens.

Directly on this oil, I actively fried pancakes, it turns out the usual food with a subtle nut-coconut aroma that does not interrupt the basic taste, but gives a new flavor to taste and aroma. Oh, I’ll go to the food blogging at such a pace. Plus, the same unrefined and fragrant oil is great to use for Asian dishes or their styling. I am still waiting for Anya refined butter to appear, it is devoid of flavor, which means that you can fry all the usual cutlets for the post-Soviet space and not be surprised at the flavor.

Unrefined Coconut Oil for Skin

The second point of my program is skin care. But here I am very cautious. I remind you that the oil itself does not moisturize, but it is hydrophobic – it does not let in water, does not dissolve in it and does not interact with water in any other way. Therefore, for me, this oil has become an ideal barrier remedy for dry skin. It makes sense to apply on steamed, wet skin after a shower or bath. The oil forms a film (evident in the first 15 minutes, then absorbed) and the moisture from the skin does not evaporate. In the summer for such entertainment, IMHO, it is hot, but by the heating season I will start singing oiling odes. Sometimes the skin on my body becomes very dehydrated.

For the face, I use coconut oil as a cleansing agent. Anya gave me one jar of oil mixed with an emulsifier. She positions it as a hair mask, but listen to me – this is an ideal, inexpensive and super effective hydrophilic oil for make up remover. It dissolves makeup perfectly, and then it is washed off with a usual cleanser. Straight question finding successful gurofilki, available offline for a sane price tag for me is closed.

When the oil with the emulsifier ran out, I began to use pure unrefined coconut oil to remove makeup. It’s all a little more complicated, but if you use cleansing balms, then there will be no problems. I apply oil, massage the skin, removing makeup, then moisten a small terry towel with hot water and gently wash the oil off my face. Then, as usual, I wash my face with a cleanser. The effect is cool, the skin is clean, the makeup is washed off completely, even the mascara, and then the face is very soft and fresh. It is much more pleasant than after the usual washing with hydrophilic, but also longer, and then wash the towel 🙂

By the way, I really liked lip balm with coconut oil and beeswax. Usually, natural balms lie on my dry lips just in a bold layer. And this one is absorbed, well softens, protects from drying out. In general, a great working companion in times when the lips are in good condition, and only protection is required.

Unrefined Coconut Hair Care Oil

I do not advise you to put oil on the length as a mask that can be washed away, because there is no fat in the hair, they do not need food. Such a mask can only wash off the paint from the hair. Although many oil masks for length do, and they like. Some oil can be applied to dry hair after styling to create all the same hydrophobic film and protect it from drying out. Coconut oil is not too fat (compared to, for example, olive or sunflower) and, if not borscht, is not noticeable on the length. A good option for silicone phobes, which still need some indelible remedy.

Plus, I myself used coconut oil as an ingredient of my miracle hair mask with essential oil hit . And I liked it, coconut oil is lighter than almond oil, it is easier and more economical to apply on the scalp, it is well washed off with two soaps, it doesn’t muddy the hair. But one thing, the mixing of flavors becomes even more specific than the smell of beat solo.

In general, I am very pleased with the challenge to “sip coconut oil”. If it were not for Anya, I would not have discovered so many simple and economical recipes for a long time. I will finish the trial version, and for sure I will buy pure oil and oil with an emulsifier.