Health and Wellness County Office of Aging and Adult ServicesSuper User AidSuper User Area Health and Wellness FoundationSuper User Cloud Kung Fujose knight Cloud Kung Fu teaches Tien Sha Pai, a Northern Kung Fu style that provides correct body alignment, agility and strength. Learn how Kung Fu can give you flexibility, endurance and coordination while learning the fundamentals of a traditional and powerful martial art. You will learn the 10 basic stretching exercises, stances, punches and kicks in an intense but fun workout. You will learn self defense, gain confidence and feel more energetic. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and sneakers, bring a towel, water and your enthusiasm.2015-01-27T19:46:00-06:00Womens Healthcare  Caring and comprehensive healthcare for women of all ages.    Ultrasound and massage onsite.2015-03-13T11:02:25-05:00Blue Zen, Massage TherapyPamela Gormish therapeutic massage and energy work. Licensed professionals focusing on correctional, medical massage therapy.2016-02-16T18:18:51-06:00