Fête En Blanc

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The Mid-day cafe will be appearing in new locations throughout the month of August. Join us for live music!

August 16 @ Grumpy's - 137 E High St
artist information here

August 23 @ Lily's Grill - 115 E High St

August 30 @ Beverly's Pastry Shop - 322 E High


The Grinch will not steal Christmas from Pottstown...
Yesterday morning we received a call that our Santa House and Christmas Storage Trailer had been broken into, items stolen and a lot of damage done to the house and trailer. Given our few resources to hold our holiday events, it saddens us to think the Grinch would visit our town and leave such destruction. But very much like the story in Whoville, Pottstown is a community that will notT allow this to change our mission of bringing hundreds of children and families holiday cheer. We are asking if you can help us to replace the missing and damaged items. If you can make a contribution or volunteer your time our entire community would appreciate it! For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 610-323-5400.

“Maybe, Christmas he thought, doesn’t come from a store...maybe
Christmas, perhaps means a little bit more”
Thank you!

Pottstown FARM

NewFarmBannerTRThe Pottstown FARM is happening now! visit for more details.

More Great events coming soon to the Pottstown FARM - visit the calendar for more details.

Please donate to help us keep bringing more and better events to Pottstown. From our entire community, we all thank you for your contributions.