Buy Local

The Buy Local Committee was started in March of 2012 by a group of committed people to revitalize their town – Pottstown!

In an effort to raise awareness to the Buy Local Commitment, the committee challenged the Pottstown School District to spend the month of May making a conscious effort to shop at locally owned stores in Pottstown’s Downtown District. Their efforts were met with amazing results. Over $55,000 was spent in the local shops of downtown. Each $100 giving back an estimated $65 to the town which helps benefit us all. A difference from about $45 that is given when shopping big box stores – Locally owned shops depend on their community to come together and think, shop and BUY LOCAL!

With the Buy Local Committees efforts, local awareness was raised and more initiatives are planned for the fall. More stores are invited to join the effort. We want all of Pottstown to become a place where people support the local businesses as often as possible. Just $50 a month from 1,000 families can produce more than $50,000 to the local economy – averaging a total of $32,500 actually staying in the borough leading to better services, schools and more!

If you are a business in Pottstown and wish to become a part of the Buy Local Initiative, please contact one of the Committee Members below.

Amy Francis –

Sheila Dugan –