Be Proud

Being Proud of our Town

In 1752, the founder of Pottstown, John Potts, built an iron forge and inspired the opportunity for rich business and commerce which stretched from Philadelphia to the coal regions of Pottsville, PA. This industrial history had enabled Pottstown with the structural leadership to increase its population, prove its strong character, and house a diverse community of interests. In the 1950-60′s Pottstown was the victim of a cross-cultural and unwaivering depression that existed in many industrial towns in America – ones that relied on heavy steel production and manual labor. This national shift of economic interests left many towns in a loss – of social, economic, and political unity. However, the revitalization efforts of Pottstown in the past 15-20 years, with the mighty efforts of non profit, borough, and community related initiatives, has proven the heritage and value of Pottstown is in a transformative state of progress.

Pottstown is alive with people who are committed citizens and agents of positive change. Instead of dwelling on the misfortune of an inevitable shift in the American economy, true Pottstownians are creating solutions that reflect a deep appreciation of our families, schools, and community.

Pottstown means that you help support walking on the Riverfront Park Heritage Site, visiting the Gallery School of Art, seeing a play downtown at Village Productions, going to the PAC 10 Pottstown High School basketball games, getting lunch at The Johnson Kitchen, and enjoying a beverage and music at the Pottstown Brick House. Pottstown means being proud of your education because you can demonstrate skills to recognize socioeconomic diversity, test the judgement of real world concepts, and help understand a complex generation of youth. Pottstown means you are a fighter. Pottstown means you are cooler than anyone else from any other industrial suburbanite town, because by living here you are not a gangster, punk, emo, indie elitist, wasp, middle class, high class, low class, nerd, jock, skater, hipster, headbanger, druggie, academic -you are you, unique, growing, and someone who deserves appreciation.

Pottstown – “New horizons, forged from a rich past.”